’Livelihoods Support Programme IMECE, executed in partnership with Habitat Association and UNHCR, aims to socio-economically empower refugee entrepreneurs living in 14 different cities by reducing their reliance on aid.


Grants Programme

29.09.2017 - 08.10.2017

Duration: 10 Days


Grants Programme - Open Call

If you are an entrepreneur and want to register, start up or develop a business in Turkey and need extra funding and support, this call is for you! 


IMECE, a joint program of Habitat Derneği and UNHCR, aims to create a resilient economy by integrating refugees and local entrepreneurs by giving financial grants. 

Duration and timeline:

3 weeks from Monday September 18 until Sunday October 8, included.

The timetable for this Call for EoI, which may be subject to change, is:




Issue of Call for Grants Programme

29 September 2017

Deadline for request for any clarifications or additional information

5 October 2017

Deadline for submission of the Grants Programme

8 October 2017


Selected applicants will be informed as soon as possible after the evaluation of their application is completed. 

First come first served principle

Applicants are selected on a “first come, first served” basis. This means that all applications received at any time on or before the deadline of submission will be evaluated as soon as possible, against the pre-qualification criteria set out below.

Who is eligible to this call for grants programme (Eligibility criteria)?

  • Businesses that are or will be registered in Turkey

  • The entrepreneur must belong to one of the following category:

    • Syrian nationals under Temporary status kimlik

    • Syrian national with tourist, and students kimlik

    • Asylum seekers kimlik holders from other foreign countries.

    • Turkish citizens with Syrian origin (born in Syria)

    • Other foreign nationals not eligible to TP, nor asylum seekers status

    • Turkish citizens with no foreign origin, but who have an official refugee business partner

    • Turkish citizens with no foreign origin, but whose businesses contribute to refugees’ social and economic inclusion 

  • The core activity of the business cannot have any relation whatsoever with arms and drugs production and trading, trafficking, tobacco and gambling.

Description of the grant mechanism

Table of grants and features


Registration Grant

Registration Grant



Development Grant


Entrepreneurs willing to set-up a personal company.

Entrepreneurs willing to set-up a capital company.

Start-up companies (Not registered yet or < 6 months)

Existing companies

(> 6 months)


Registration expenses, Work permit,  petty cash, 

Registration expenses, cash flow, equipment, stock…

Cash flow, equipment, stock…

Grant Max amount

TL 1,500

TL 4,000

TL 15,000

Grant Support ratio

The grant covers 100% of the applicant’ needs

The grant covers 75% of applicant’s needs*.

The grant covers 50% of applicant’s needs.*


1 single tranche:

Full payment of the grant at the signature of the grant agreement

Details will be shared with grantees.

Please note that the grant doesn’t cover the capital deposit of your company. Be aware that you need to make a preliminary deposit equivalent to 25% of your capital company.

*The applicant must contribute to the remaining 25% with an in-kind contribution (material, equipment, stock…). 

Habitat collaborates with UNHCR and PTT in order to deliver the grants. The grants won’t be disbursed in cash to the grantees. Instead, grants will be delivered through a pre-paid PTT card previously loaded.

PTT pre-paid cards can be used to withdraw money from ATM or to purchase goods from shops. 

How to apply ?

Go to, fill the form and submit your application online.

Language of the application

The application shall be prepared in Turkish, in Arabic or in English. Applications in other languages will not be accepted

Request for additional information

Applicants may request clarifications on the Call or the nature of grants not later than 3 calendar days before the deadline but are recommended to do so well in advance. Such requests must indicate the Call for EoI reference and the name of the Applicant shall be submitted in English, Arabic or Turkish via e-mail to:


Habitat Derneği


Answers to all questions will be provided to the Applicant not later than 3 calendar days after their submission, on the Applicant’s e-mail address used to submit the questions. Please note that the Habitat Dernegi responses to any queries or clarification requests may be circulated to all applicants at the Habitat’s discretion (FaQs).


Habitat Dernegi will not contact any applicant prior to the selection decision, unless it considers it necessary to clarify issues of a mere technical nature. However, should Habitat Dernegi come across any errors, inaccuracies, omissions or any type of clerical defect in the text of the Call for EoI before the Deadline, Habitat Dernegi will correct the text and inform the applicant accordingly